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Featured on Crain’s New York: Why top investors are betting on New York as a fintech capital

Top investors are betting New York City as the fintech capital, so are we! This is why we are actively expanding our innovation banking capability to better serve the fintech ecosystem, especially in NYC.

Tearsheet Podcast: How Piermont Bank blends humans and technology to service midmarket SMBs

Piermont Bank serves SMBs with a hybrid blend of digital and human bankers. Our Founder & CEO Wendy Cai-Lee joined Zachary Miller on a Tearsheet Podcast to talk about the journey of building a fully chartered commercial bank that addresses the pain points of SMBs.

Headless Banking Podcast: The New Go-To Bank for Fintech

The New Go-to Bank for Fintech! Take a listen of this Headless Banking podcast episode with our Head of Innovation Rodrigo Suarez!

Featured on Protocol: 3 Questions with Wendy Cai-Lee, CEO, Piermont Bank

What fintech trend are you most excited about? I am curious to see what the confluence of fintechs and traditional banks will look like. Fintechs are not taking over banks. While there is some slight progress with fintechs successfully getting a bank charter, the number is too small in the grand scheme of things. Having […]

Featured on NJBIZ: Changing channels

A year into the pandemic, with the outlook for SMBs in New Jersey seeming slightly better based on recent economic data, Piermont Bank founder and CEO Wendy Cai-Lee explores how to leverage your bank to help stabilize your business, finance your growth and move forward. And how your bank can play a more active role in helping […]