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Headless Banking Podcast: The New Go-To Bank for Fintech

The New Go-to Bank for Fintech! Take a listen of this Headless Banking podcast episode with our Head of Innovation Rodrigo Suarez!

Featured on Protocol: 3 Questions with Wendy Cai-Lee, CEO, Piermont Bank

What fintech trend are you most excited about? I am curious to see what the confluence of fintechs and traditional banks will look like. Fintechs are not taking over banks. While there is some slight progress with fintechs successfully getting a bank charter, the number is too small in the grand scheme of things. Having […]

Featured on NJBIZ: Changing channels

A year into the pandemic, with the outlook for SMBs in New Jersey seeming slightly better based on recent economic data, Piermont Bank founder and CEO Wendy Cai-Lee explores how to leverage your bank to help stabilize your business, finance your growth and move forward. And how your bank can play a more active role in helping […]

Featured on Crain’s New York: Piermont Bank chief on real estate lending in a pandemic year

“The pandemic taught us as an institution the need to stay agile, the need to pivot, the need to move fast.” Our founder and CEO Wendy Cai-Lee recently sat down with Crain’s New York’s Natalie Sachmechi and shared the experience and insights on real estate lending in a pandemic year.

Featured on Payments Journal: How Active Should Your Bank Partner Be?

With the banking-as-a-service boom, fintechs have more choices on how to work with partner banks. The nature of that relationship can have a major impact on go-to-market strategies.